Puppy News

Week 5

Another week past and I’m getting a little homesick.

We began potty training this week. Its tough to remember all the rules.

I have some new teeth poking out this week. They hurt a little when they came in, but at least now I’m getting some very interesting food to eat. Its kinda of weird to have sharp little things in my mouth. I keep running my tongue over them.

Crunch… crunch… crunch…

We might be able to go outside this week! I can’t wait to see what’s waiting out there. All the stories from the older kids sound a little too crazy. Millions of green fingers reaching up to grab you as you walk around. Huge sticks towering out of the ground. You can’t chew on them, but I hear you can pee on them. 🙂

Puppy News

Week 4

Dear Dad,

It’s the end of week 4. We still aren’t allowed to go outside, but I did have a great game of chase with my brothers this week. I didn’t win, but I wasn’t the last place either. We play all day, then mom licks us for a while. I keep telling her to stop, but she keeps doing it.

Shawna and Hilo’s kids get to go home at the end of this week. There will be a little more room in the cabin! I can’t wait to take Bandit’s bunk. He has the upper bunk bed. I bet its so cool up there. He won’t let me up there now. He says I’m too young. What does he know!

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Week 3

New Photos!













Puppy News

Week 2

Dear Dad,

15 of the older campers went in for their 5-week yearbook photos. I’ll get my turn on July 9th.

This week, I did a lot of tumbling around with my 4 brothers and 3 sisters. They are really fun. Mom isn’t letting us go outside yet. I really want to go play in the grass. Until we can go outside, I guess I’ll make the best of all the naps they let us take.

Puppy News

Dad – Kona

Name: Kona

Breed: F1B Mini Goldendoodle

Color: Red & White Parti-Color

Weight: 20 pounds

Height: 17 inches

Born: 9/29/10

Parents: Ella & Zack

Kona 011

Kona 001

Kona 005

Kona 009

Kona 012

Kona 016

Puppy News

Mom – Hazel

Name: Hazel

Breed: F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Color: White

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 17 inches


Parent: Idafab Winter Sky (Mother)







Puppy News

Paternal Grandfather – Zack

Name: Zack
Breed: Miniature Poodle
Color: Cream
Weight: 20 pounds
Height: 15 inches
Born: 9/8/06


Puppy News

Maternal Grandmother – Idafab Winter Sky

Idafab Winter Sky
Born: 4/20/2005
Country of origin: Canada
Registration: CKC RG015850
Breeder: Jane Blum
Microchip/Tattoo # 144544710A
Hip clearance: OFC 0035648
Eye clearance: CERF GR-369476 (2012-85)
Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA12632/84F/C-VPI
Elbow clearance: OVC 0035648
Thyroid clearance: OFA GR-TH2122/78F-VPI
prcd-PRA status: Clear (Optigen 11-9522)
PRA1 status: Clear (Optigen 11-9522)
Ichthyosis status: Clear (Optigen 11-9522)
Idafab Winter Sky

Puppy News

Paternal Grandmother – Ella

Name: Ella
Breed: F1 Goldendoodle
Color: Apricot (w/ small white patch on her chest)
Weight: 25 pounds
Height: 17 inches
Born: 4/15/08

Ella - F1 Mini Golden Doodle

Puppy News

Hello world!

I’m Mico Smith.

I was born June 10, 2012 in Palmdale, CA.

I get to go home to my human dad in San Francisco, CA on August 5, 2012. We’ll have a seven-hour car ride to get to know one another and I can tell him all about my first 8 weeks at camp with my 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

Stay tuned for more updates from camp. We take lots of naps!